Understandably, when winter hits, your garden isn’t the first thing you will think about! A lot of people do tend to forget about their garden over the colder months of the year, and will tend to leave their garden to do as it pleases. As we often get more rain fall during the autumn and winter, however frustrating British weather can be, this rain helps to soften the ground and make it easier to dig up. Therefore making a job easier and quicker, especially if anything is needing to be done by hand.

Do bare in mind that transformations can take time and it isn’t an overnight job. Should a transformation take place in the winter, when the spring months start to roll in, this is the perfect time to then be planting shrubs, trees and plants. The spring months will give your garden the opportunity to grow and blossom to their full potential during the summer and autumn months, so you can full enjoy your garden in its peak time.

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