Frequently Asked Questions

Do you undertake an Inspection of Premises before working?

Before carrying out any type of work, a thorough inspection will be carried out. EOS always have their clients and the public in mind, as well as the premises of where the work will be carried out.

In particular, before mowing commences, we remove and dispose of all hazardous objects, debris and stones in which could cause a danger to a member of the public, your premises, or even our team. When moveable objects are present, for example benches or bins, we will carefully set them aside and place them back to their original place once the work has been completed in that area. Objects such as trees, bushes or sign posts that cannot be moved, will be up kept to the same standard as for the main grass being cut. 

Do you offer maintenance contracts?

Yes, as a company we can provide short-term or annual contracts. The formal contract is the best way to understand exactly what services you would like us to provide.

Do you cover both residential and commercial grounds maintenance?

Yes, we provide everything in terms with exterior grounds maintenance. This includes lawn care to waste clearance.

As a company, we provide a full experienced and insured grounds team, who are professional as well as friendly.

How long have EOS been in business?
We are in our 7th year of trading. Our professional team is growing stronger by the year, and our wealth of experience is continually expanding. At Edwards of Surrey, you will be provided with the best of the best!
What is your site visit to quotation turn around?

At EOS, we aim to complete a full turn around between 4-7 days from first contact. Throughout the period of an enquiry / site visit / quotation, we will always liaison with clients and should this period go beyond 3 days, communication will be made to the client. Here at EOS, we believe communication and client relation is key.

Do you other price comparison?

Yes, we strive to save our clients £’s and will always provide price comparison

Do you provide flexibility on clients providing their own materials?

Absolutely, unlike many companies, EOS are flexible on clients providing materials for projects. We would be happy to provide you with material quantities to order directly from your supplier and be able to assist when needed.

When would be the best time to prune my bushes?
The best time to prune would be in late winter/early spring, meaning the bush has fully flowered and won’t be damaged when you renovate. The best way to prune would be to remove old flower heads and cut back to healthy outward facing buds.

Bare in mind, you can prune shrubs at any time of the year, if it is necessary. This would include removal of broken branches or to remove growth from obstructing a walkway.