As the weather starts to get warmer, you will most likely be wanting to spend more time in your garden. Spring is the perfect time to enjoy your garden and enjoy the new plants flowering, the background of birds chirping, and feeling content. Spending time outside is great for your mental and, also, physical health. Here at EOS, we love being outdoors, especially when you’ve enjoyed the golden hour of the sun and the garden lighting kicks in. With the correct lighting in place, you can completely change the feel of the environment around you.

Ground Level Lighting

– Lighting doesn’t all have to be at a height. Some of the most affective lighting can be found directly on the ground. Ground level lights can be used to create a wonderful backdrop to other features in your garden, for example creating a wonderful silhouette for your plant or tree. By doing this, it enhances their structure or form, in an amazing new way. This effect would certainly draw attention to the features you are wanting to be admired the most in your garden.

Glowing Trees

– Trees make a wonderful opportunity for lighting in your garden. The right lighting can create a dramatic feel and silhouette. We would recommend a spike light to do this, as a well-placed one would certainly create a fantastic look in the evening.


– The use of mirrors can maximise the illumination in your garden, and it might not have been your first thought to use mirrors as a potential light source for your garden. As well as making your garden look nice, using mirrors is a brilliant way to add even more light and get it spreading around the garden into those deep corners.


– In your garden, you may have steps or darker places throughout that need lighting to be used to point out these potentially dangerous parts. If there are steps going down into your garden or a pathway, we would certainly recommend that these places are clear and brightly illuminated to avoid any accidents. Strip lighting would be a good option for this.