Green values

The Natural Environment and Sustainability

EOS strive to make the natural environment a better place. Working daily with nature, and having green fingers, we believe as a company that the natural environment as a great friend and will do all that we can to protect it. We do our absolute best to provide suggestions of plant choice that would positively impact the environment and the space in which is around them. These planting choices will encourage biodiversity and at every site, we will be mindful about the attraction of wildlife and pollinators.

Throughout our work, whether it be grass cutting, trimming down hedges, or raking up unwanted leaves; we collect up all our waste and do our upmost best to recycle it all.

At EOS, sustainability is our biggest goal, but why have we got involved…?  Sustainability is living in the means of eco systems and ensuring that our ways of life doesn’t impact our future generations. In our progression to reaching our goal, we aim to plant a ‘Tree’ for every single project undertaken. In this global exercise EOS are working to replenish the earths Trees.   

How can I become a sustainable source from a garden project? – It’s simple, EOS use specialist companies that process waste in a way that it can be reused. By separating waste into categories of green waste, wood and hardcore.  What happens next is a thorough process that coverts a material into a product.  Green waste becomes ‘Soil, woodchip, logs and mulch’ – Wood becomes a ‘Biomass source’ or even furniture and finally hardcore is processed into different grades. Type one hardcore on top as the most familiar hardcore material in the landscaping industry, used under patios and driveways!

What is BIOMASS? – Bio mass is a product form of recycled wood/logs, these can come in small round ‘Puck format or even pellets’ and used to generate heat, energy supplies or even used in a liquid format to be used as fuel.

EOS are ‘environment agency’ approved licensed waste contractors, with a huge level of respect for our local environment. Carriers license number can be shown for reference.

Pollution – How can we tackle pollution? EOS aim to tackle pollution, by using battery powered machinery where possible, all our mowers, cutters, blowers run eco engines, cutting emissions by 40%. Hazardous materials our disposed of using environmental agency approved sites, subject to correct WTN Codes.

Company vehicles – EOS are Greater London based and subject to ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone), we are in the process of upgrading our fleet with a 5-year plan in mind.

COSHH and FEPA – EOS aim to comply fully with requirements of the COSHH regulations as well as those of the Food and Environment protection act, Pesticide regulations 1986 and regular codes of practice.

Just One Tree

We plant trees for you. It costs £1 per tree.
The tree absorbs CO2, restores biodiversity and makes the world a better place.